Creating an Early Warning System: Predictors of Dropout in Delaware

I was part of a team conducting the ROC Curve Analysis using the state of Delaware's education data. We put a lot of details in this paper, so people can replicate what we did. Appendix section has a lot of explanations regarding statistical models and concepts.

ROC Curve Analysis using PROC LOGISTIC

/*ROC Curve Analysis Macro*/

/*a hypothetical data set*/ data asdf;set sashelp.class; EVENT=0; if Weight > 100 then EVENT=1; PREDICTOR=height; run;

/*data name*/ %let dataname=asdf; %let outcome=EVENT; %let ind=PREDICTOR; %let save_graphic=C:\Documents and Settings\19702\My Documents\sas;

ods html PATH="&save_graphic" (url=none) file="&dataname &ind .html"; ods graphics on / imagename="&dataname&ind"; proc logistic data=&dataname descending OUTEST=&dataname.result; title "&dataname"; model &outcome […]