Matching with or without replacement (Propensity Score Matching)


"I now discuss different methods for forming matched pairs of treated and untreated subjects when matching on the propensity score. In doing so, several decisions must be made. First, one must choose between matching without replacement and matching with replacement (Rosenbaum, 2002). When using matching without replacement, once an untreated subject has […]

Sample size calculation using Excel sheet

I wrote this Excel program to calculate sample size for surveys. size calculation 11 30 2015.xlsx


Survey Sampling Design and Regression Analysis using SAS SURVEYREG

Simple random sampling given the population size

Confirm that regular regression analysis produces larger standard errors. Using the total sample size as a part of the modeling process, PROC SURVEYREG achieves smaller standard errors (more precise measurement). data IceCream; input Grade Spending Income Kids @@; datalines; 7 7 39 2 7 7 38 1 […]