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Tidying up a messy Form in Microsoft Access by JonAWF


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MS-ACCESS: Create the main form and subforms on tabs

Microsoft Access, Creating forms

When I put subforms into the main form, I need to make sure that the main ID and the sub IDs are all correct.  I need to make this correct in three places.

  • Highlight the form by clicking on it to activate the property sheet.  Find DATA, LINK CHILD FIELDS and specify the correct subID.
  • Also remove the solidline.

f you select multiple buttons by pressing and hold Ctrl key, then right click, you should be able to change any common property of the buttons.

Tips:Conversion from Excel Date to SAS Date


Effect Size Calculator for T-Test

When SAS-importing is not working

proc import out=work.test


dbms=xlsx replace;



proc export data=sashelp.class


dbms=xlsx replace;



Logitech H800 no sound problem

I have to say I spent about an hour trying to figure out how to use it off a PC. It worked immediately for my Samsung phone, but it refused to produce sound off my PC. After internet-searching for solutions, I made it work. Here is how:

a) Go to scroll down to "Headset Paring Utility" section
b) Click on download button for get a zipped file "paring_utility_1.00…zip".
c) Unzip it to your local folder (or just to the desktop).
d) Find Pairing.exe and click it to install.
e) Follow instructions that the software tells you. Basically on the headset's right-ear part, you have to find and press the volume up (+) button and the >> button (fast-forward button) at the same time until the green light on the headset begins to blink fast. When this happens, it is communicating with the PC and the Paring software. You have to follow a couple of more instructions on the software while this is happening. The >> button (fast forward button) on the headset may be hard to find, but it is on the left side of the green light.

R Studio

DPLYR is some kind of module that allows efficient data management.



This keeps rows that has a specified value:

filter(dataname,School=="Ad High School")

x <- filter(dataname,School=="Ad High School")